About the Founder


Lauren Abercrombie, founder/owner of Inclusion Fusion, has been involved in the autism community since as long as she can remember. Her younger brother, Mason is on the Autism Spectrum, and Lauren grew up with tutors and ABA therapists consistently in her home helping her brother. Lauren is extremely close with Mason, while they bond by listening to their favorite music, traveling around the country to attend concerts, going to Disneyland, and watching movies.

Lauren has been an active RBT (Registered Behavior Technician), behavior therapist, and Job Coach since 2014. She started in the autism community by volunteering at various social skills groups and camps at the age of 11. Lauren has worked for multiple autism services in Las Vegas such as Sport Social, Grant a Gift Autism Foundation, UNLV Medicine Ackerman Autism Center, The Lovaas Center, Autism Building Blocks, and more.

At 16 years old, Lauren founded Promapalooza, aa full-scale prom for teens and young adults with special needs in Southern Nevada, with the help of her mother, Lisa Abercrombie. The goal was to give teenagers and young adults with special needs the same opportunities to participate in typical social events. Lauren wanted her younger brother to be able to experience a prom night, just like any typical teenager, in a judgment-free, comfortable environment.

Unfortunately, in March of 2015, three months prior to the first Promapalooza, Lisa passed away. After her passing, Lauren continued to pursue their small dream of Promapalooza and friends, family, and community members worked together to help create Promapalooza.

Now five years later, the annual prom is partnered with Zappos for Good, and is held at the Zappos campus in Downtown Las Vegas. Promapalooza has been expanded into a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Project Inclusion. Today, Project Inclusion annually provides two events, Promapalooza, and Fall for All, a fall festival for individuals with special needs. Project Inclusion has provided unforgettable events to thousands of people with special needs & their families.

In 2019, Lauren wanted to take her involvement in the special needs community one step further and started Inclusion Fusion, an organization that provides adaptive, cognitive, and social skills for individuals with special needs in Southern Nevada. Lauren constantly strives to make a difference in the special needs community, whether the difference is big or small in each person’s life.

My main goal is to create an inclusive, accepting, enriching and positive environment for all people with special needs.
— Lauren Abercrombie